Why Does My Boyfriend Get Mad When I Talk To This Guy From School?


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Because he probaly thinks your flirting with the other guy
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Its either jealousy which you cant blame him all guys go through it
or hes not totally secure and he needs time to get used to the fact that you have other guy friends
just reassure him that they are just friends and hell calm down eventually
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He feels threatened by this other guy. Maybe you and this other guy have more in common than you do with your boyfriend. He is just scared that this guy will steal you away from him. Its normal and I'm sure you already knew that yourself.
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Totally agree, this is like, the basics of the basics? I knew this WAAAAY before i started dating.
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Your boyfriend is probably jelous.
WHy is the reason you talk to this guy?
He might also think your flirting with him. I suggest you tell your boyfriend
to chill out, and to trust you; you're not gunna cheat on him.
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My boyfriend gets jealous too
but i talked to him and we got it sorted out it was just that he dint want too loose me to anyone else
you have just got to tell him straight i think .
Tell him your mates and just that and that you are not going to go off with him.

He should calm down eventually
hope this helps
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I relate to this because my old crush Allan hates my ex im just dating as of know and andy hates him to all because Allan likes me and i kinda like him alot but he needs to realize that hey hes talking to girls but i cant talk to my crush some one please tell me why this is happening
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Its Quite Obvious that He Feels Insecure when you talk to the other Guys.

Tell Him that there is nothing to worry, and also that you feel unhappy when he acts childishly jealous.

Also Make Sure that you give equal importance to your BoyFriend when among a group of guys to make him feel comfortable...

Best of Luck...
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Just let him know that he is just a friend and he doesn't have to worry about any thing. I have the same problem with my boyfriend. My best friend that is a guy just came home from the navy and i have spend a lot of time with him and my boyfriend get mad at me. I think it is just a guy thing.
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He wants to control you and anger is a control devise. He does not trust you if he is getting mad. You have no ring on your finger, you still have free will. Let him get mad all he wants, but do what you want. It is call free will. His trust issue is his problem, not yours. Do not make it yours.
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He's probably jealous and that's ok to a point. Just insure him that he's the only one you want. Does the other guy like you? If he does that might be why your bf gets upset. Just make sure your bf is number one and their shouldn't be a problem. If itheirs still a problem than he's trying to control you and your relationship won't be healthy. Try to hang out with your friends and include your bf and your guy friend to show your bf where your guy friend stands and to also show your friend that your bf is number one and there's no reason for your bf to get mad.
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Well there are some boys who doesn't like that girl friends talk to the other guys it's realy stupid but they do sometimes . You should talk to him about this and don't blame it on him it sometimes is not in his hands if he feels like this and make him to compeletly trust you and u can ask him that do u trust me or nor .
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Jealousy!!! I had a boyfriend and he kept thinking i had a crush on my best bud so he spazed out on me but then i got fed up and dumped him, i was all like " if i cant talk to other guys then u cant talk to other girls but u cant do that so... WE OVER!!!!!"... Oh ya im hardcore!!!
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He probably thinks you like the guy you are talking to more than him and he is a jealous type of guy..
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Because like when you talk to other boys your bf thinks that if y'all keep talking your going to leave him for your friend.your bf prob don't wanna lose you that's prob why he acts like that.
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He is jealous and threated. Explain to him that he is the boy friend and the other one is just a friend.If he cannot understand the say a polite goodbye
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You know its up to you you have to choose btw me and him thats wat i would say if i were in his position, but thats not rite it is good to have friends espetialy the ones from oposite sex.

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