My boyfriends mad at me and wont answer his phone or talk to me, what can i do?


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Calli Miller answered
If he is that mad at you then just let him be. Guys are hard headed. Once he is calm he will call you and you can say whatever need be once that happens. But by trying to keep contacting him once he wants you to leave him alone is just making him mad again.
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Hannah Davis answered
Go up to him at school/work. Or go to his house, and demand to know whats wrong. He's being childish if he won't talk to you. How can you fix the problem if you don't know what the problem is? Unless you did something really bad,then I understand where he's coming from. Or he might just be going through a tough situation with family/friends, n taking it out on you. Sorry, and good luck.
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When he answers you ask him what is wrong.
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Give him a few days to calm down, then try to get in touch with him again. 
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Lucy Belle
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I gave him 4 days already, shouldnt that be enough??
Lucy Belle
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I gave him 4 days already, shouldn't that be enough??
Arthur Wright
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4 days is more than enough so maybe time to look for new BF here and start the new year with all new stuff
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Absolutely nothing til he gets over it and decides to start talking to you so go have fun without him as theres no sense in both of you sulking around
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He just want 2 show you how your action irritates him, find some1 very close 2 him 2 talk 2 him, he will liston I assure you if only he still luv you. Goodluck
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Next time you see him just try to ask him y he is mad and after that just try to work it out.

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