My boyfriend's mad at me and won't answer his phone or text what do I do?


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Leanne Mitchell answered

Sometimes the best thing to do in this situation is just to give the other person time to calm down. If you know why he is mad at you and have apologised there is nothing more you can do.

So as difficult as it is don't text him, wait to hear from him when he is calmer and then you will be able to have a conversation with him and try to sort things.

It's also important when somebody else is mad at you to listen to their reasons why and understand why they feel the way they do and make sure you tell them you understand why.

If you don't hear from him well you tried and apologised and you should walk away with your dignity. Never beg or plead with a boy to talk to you. You're worth more than that!

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Nice Girl answered

Though he doesn't answer you he still sees the messages so say sorry, tell him how much you love him, think of him and can't live without him, and he should forgive you and you won't repeat the mistake and all kinda things so I'm sure his heart would melt after knowing you have planned a future with him and all!

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If someone is mad at you it is probably best just to leave them alone for a while. Never blow up their phone with text messages. You will most likely make them even more angry. Give your boyfriend some space, and when the time is right eventually he will come around.

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