Do You Know Some New And Fun Baby Shower Games?


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My daughter threw my daughter-in-law a baby shower a year ago, and she went out and got 2 packages of plain white infant "onesies" (the short sleeved shirt/short-type one piece suit).  She bought the pens with the ink that puffs up when heated with a hair dryer, and gave everyone a chance to design both a plain bib and a one-sie, then we all voted on them and the best one got a prize.  We had a great time being creative and talking with each other while it was going on.  Much better than old boring games!
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At my shower, 2 people were chosen from the group to compete in this game:   They each were blindfolded, given a doll, a cloth diaper and 2 diaper pins.  They had to fold the diaper, then put it on and pin it on the doll.  The 1st one finished won a prize.  Kind of fun.  I went to a shower where everyone was given a plastic spoons, then a bowl with a kind of baby food would be passed around for all to taste, then on a piece of paper, we had to write down what we thought it was.  The hostess had all the kinds listed in order, and after all had tasted all the kinds of  baby food- around 10- 12,  she told us what they were, in order.  This was funny and kind of icky too.
I went to a shower where a chosen guest would secretly jot down on paper all the things the attendees, mom to be (or bride to be)   said while opening presents.  Then, the person would say  "this is what  (the new dad's name) said the first time he changed a dirty diaper. " Then read off all the things that had been said and jotted down.  For a wedding shower it would be "all the things said on the wedding night"   this can be a scream
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The last one I went to had a wordfind and that was scrambled up. Or you could tell everybody that they can't say anything associated to baby

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