What Kind Of Prizes Do U Buy For Baby Shower Games?


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Feminine things, since this will probably be a "hen" party. $5 starbucks gift cards are great, picture frames are always a big hit. Girlie socks are always cute: With duckies or dollies on them. Magnifying purse mirrors or travel pill boxes are good. We even gave one of those huge Hershey bars as one of the gifts. It was a hit! If you have a game where you fill a baby bottle with pink and blue m&m's or jelly beans, the person that guesses the number gets to keep the item.
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When you are planning the games for your baby shower, you will need to plan to have at least one prize for every game that you play. You may even want to have two prizes per game just in case there is tie, or if you would like all of your guest to win a prize.

There are several good prizes that you can give out at your baby shower. You can use your baby shower decorations as prizes. For example, you can give the centerpiece that is on the main table as a prize. (Especially if your centerpiece is a flower arrangement).

Other prizes include note pads, picture frames, gift certificates to local restaurants, candles, soaps, and lotions. Bubble bath is also a very welcomed prize at baby showers.

When purchasing the prizes, you do not want to purchase expensive prizes. All of your prizes should have the same value so that your guest does not feel that you favour certain guest over others.
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Nick nacks I don't know if you have dollar stores where you live they have some pretty nice things like vases, kitchen towels, candles, cutlery, plastic container, you'll find lots of nice things there
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I guess the prizes you would want to give out would be smaller things and possibly even more practical rather than anything over the top? Anyway, some ideas could be:

- picture frames
- chocolates
- small teddy bears
- baby bottle filled with sweets
- soaps
- t-shirts?
- biscuits
- disposable cameras
- tea towels
- measuring cups/spoons
- sprays/perfumes

Hope that helps!
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A lot of my family members that threw baby showers went to the local Dollar store or Craft store and would pick up nice inexpensive nick-nacks or photo frames as prizes for their baby shower and it's something that can be used and put on display in the winner's home.
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Maybe gift certificates... Or little things like address books.. Journal books... Something idea. That's all I can think of..
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We went to bath and body works for hand soaps or lotions when they go on sale or we let them choose a flower arrangements that we had for the centerpieces of the table.
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