At What Month Can U Have A Baby Shower?


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I would say anywhere in the last trimester.My mom is having mine at the end of my 7th month.I didn't want to be so far along that I didn't enjoy having everyone there.Also there is a fear of going early.Actually,you can have it whenever you want to.Who cares about what others think about it.Everyone is going to have an opinion either way so do it when you want.
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I liked having my shower after my son was born. People then knew that he was a boy, what size he was and what I might need.
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Good for you..I always tell people to do it when YOU want to do it.Forget opinions..
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Usually the shower is given between the 7th and 9th month.
But, there are no hard fast rules.
My Daughter-in-law was visiting us from England during her 5th month and we decided to suprise her with one then.
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I say you can have a baby shower anytime between the 7th month and after the birth my friend just had her baby and she waitted untill after her baby was born ....
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A baby shower is a party or a function in which expectant parents receive gifts for their expected child. It is intended to help parents get items that they need for their baby and is done at the last month of the pregnancy.

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