How To Fold A Napkin Diaper For A Baby Shower?


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Due to the advent of disposable diapers, the age old skill of folding a diaper cloth for a baby shower has been lost. Plastic diapers convenience means people don't know how to fold an actual cloth. The best thing to practice on is a toy doll, though a bit odd, this is the best way to practise this skill.
The first thing to do is to fold the flat diaper into quarters. This will give you a solid grounding to follow on from.
Now, pull the upper right corner of the folded diaper to the left until you have a triangle that is twice as wide as the corners.
The next thing to do is to grab the upper corner of the diaper and then to flip the entire diaper right over.
Fold the left side of the diaper and inch and continuingly repeat the fold until you get to the centre of the diaper. When the diaper is worn this will be the thickest point and so be the area where liquids soak into. This is suitable for a baby shower.
If you have a baby or are practicing, the next thing to do is to place the doll or if in a real scenario a baby into the diaper and then hold on to the bottom triangle point. Grab this point and pull it up from the bottom to the centre. When you get to the centre grab a diaper safety pin and pin the diaper shut.
This is how you fold a diaper for a baby shower and also how you place a diaper on a baby.

There are a number of ways to make a napkin diaper, but the easiest one is to fold your napkin into a triangle, and position it so that the point is facing between the baby’s legs when he or she is lying on it. You can then pull the point up through the child’s legs and bring the other two corners together so they all meet in the middle, near the baby’s navel. You then fasten this with a diaper pin. Don’t ever be tempted to use a normal safety pin because they can often spring open and stick into the baby.

If you chose to use traditional diapers, you can get liners for them so that any mess can be flushed simply and easily, making it easier to wash the diapers. You will also need to get some rubber pants to cover the diaper so that the baby’s clothes do not become wet and soiled.

Because napkins are made from terry fabric, they will absorb liquids really easily. Naturally, this is a good thing, but it also means that the whole thing can become soaked and so your baby will become wet all around his or her waist, unlike when using disposable diapers, which draw the wet into the centre of the diaper. This means that you will need to keep a careful eye on babies who are wearing napkin diapers in order to reduce discomfort.

While there is no doubt that disposable diapers are a lot more convenient than the traditional napkin ones, there is also no doubt that napkin ones are more environmentally friendly, even though they have to be washed at very high temperatures.

This is not just to keep them clean, because it is accepted that modern washing solutions are effective at cleaning at lower temperatures, but to ensure that any bacteria in the napkin diaper is destroyed.
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It is very easy to make a Napkin Diaper. You would need a square Napkin and a safety pin or a diaper pin. Just fold the square napkin into a triangle then place the triangle with the top facing downwards and fold it up to the middle of the Napkin. Then fold both sides to the middle of Napkin. Then use the diaper pin to hold all the three points. See the link below for instructions and pictures:

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