What do you do if you find a girl underwear in your boyfriend's clothes? Do you tell him? To you assume that it came from the laundry room by mistake?


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You have to be up front and honest with him....because you want him to be with you. You should bring the undies to his attention and ask him why they are or why he thinks they are in with his stuff. If you have any suspicious that there is something going on, pay close attention to his body language and the tone/pitch of his voice. Those two things tell all. If he does his laundry in a laundry room, then it could have been a mistake.....it is easy to miss a pair of undies when pulling clothes out of the drier.
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Unfortunately some boys like wearing girls underwear. It may be his.
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Just casually ask him where it came from.
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Well if u tell him,he could make up some kind of excuse.i would start being around him more often to see what happens.
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What do you mean by: " to see what happens"? How could I know if he did sleep with some one or not?
Feri Pi
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Because if he did, it will be over. But I don't know how to find out :(

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