If Your Parents Don't Know That You Have A Boyfriend Do You Tell Them, Keep It Secret, Or Let Them Find Out?


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Well in the end honesty is usually rewarded. Not always though. I would think if they find out with out you telling them they would be upset, but if you tell them "I'm just trying to be honest with you......" you know? :)
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There's so many factors that can have an effect on the "right" answer.. Your age vs. His age, past histories of both of you, actual intentions, cool vs. Sphincter clenching parents... You get the idea.. In the end, you'll just have to decide for yourself, but please be absolutely certain that you're qualified to be making a decision of this nature.. Be brutally honest with yourself about this, and then double check that you've made the BEST choice, not just simply the easiest one. I wish you the best with your decision, whatever it may be.
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I would say that it depends on if you are allowed to date. If you are not allowed to date...don't date. I know it's exciting to have a bf and all but um...you have the rest of your life for that. I wish I had never been exclusive with any guy in high school! I would have been more free to do what I wanted and would have had a lot more fun.

You should tell them...
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I'm guessing you're a young individual since you are hesitant to tell you're parents this news. Regardless of the situation, I think you should tell them especially if this is your first boyfriend. Parents are guides and they can help keep you and your boyfriend in a healthy relationship or nonexistent if they think you are not mature enough WHICH IS OKAY! Boyfriends will come and go but your family will always be there. It they find out on their own you are risking the trust you have with your parents which in the end will make your relationship with your boyfriend more strict/limited. If it helps maybe you could make a list of the positive and negative outcomes from telling your parents. I can almost guarantee that the positives will outweigh the negatives and if not I would say your parents are a bit more strict and in that case you should wait until your parents trust you to make those decision on your own. Best of luck!

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You should really tell them  cause you never know what they are going to say till you tell them:) don't keep it secret an keep it behind their backs! They might not like the idea of it but let them know they can trust you...

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