Are You Generous With Your Compliments, Do You Appreciate People And Let Them Know It?


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Definitely generous with my compliments. There is a law of the universe and it is called the "law of giving". The willingness to give that which you seek will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life. Everything is of "give and take". If you stop this natural exchange in the universe, you will block the natural flow of energy through your life. Everywhere I go, everyone I see, I give something. Whether it is material or not, a gift, a book, a flower, a blessing, a compliment or a simple prayer. When you are able to seek things not only for yourself, but for others around you, you will be able to gratefully receive all the gifts that life has to offer you...material or in the form of intention. The universe has a perfect accounting system.
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I am very generous and love to be and give compliments. You will always get these from me. No one needs negativity nor deserves it. It is just non-sence.
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My theory has always been to never waste a chance at giving happiness. Compliments do make people happy when they know you are being completely honest, don't they? The very act of giving that compliment works both ways. The gift is for the receiver, naturally...however the giver walks away feeling somehow gifted as well. Tomorrow may never come for one of it never pays to waste that moment in time.
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Absolutely. Do unto others...right? But hey, it's a great thing to put a smile on someone's face. As for criticisms, well, there's a time and a place for everything. But I'm careful with my words. There's no reason why we can't be critical without being negative or rude. I don't believe all criticisms are negative anyway. If I can't take a positive criticism, I'm not teachable. If I'm not teachable then I'm static and not dynamic. Oh, and Pencil, may I "compliment" you on the provocativeness of your question?!!
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Yes, I feel I am very generous with compliments, especially with those who do the jobs which society quite often looks down upon. It is almost unbelievable how someone who busses tables in a restaraunt who you pay a compliment to will remember you months later. Receptionists and those in a like postition who really have no control over the schedules of the doctors or other professional types they work for will almost always go out of their way for you once you treat them with respect and add a compliment each time you see them.
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I treat people as I would want to be treated. That usually works out pretty good for all concerned.
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I am a compliment "giver". I think most people that feel good about themselves pass it on by giving compliments. Those people that are jealous or have self image issues are less likely to be complimentary, I think. I am a firm believer in the old saying of - WHAT GOES ROUND, COMES ROUND. Meaning, if you like to receive compliments and help someone have a nice day, you will give compliments. What you give, you will receive. A good attitude toward others, a smile, a hug or a compliment...they all come back to the giver. While I am at it -- the answers given before mine were all right on the mark.
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I love giving people compliments, I believe it's like a verbal gift that moves the world. What breaks my heart is when you give someone a verbal gift and someone who is overhearing says something like "Cheesy, what are you after?" It leaves me hurt. Am I being too serious or sensitive, what do you think?
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I think you are basically a considerate person. Remarks such as those are made out of jealousy, I think.
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It's more fun to "turn a frown upside down" is easier to do with compliments rather than criticism. People get criticism and put down all the time. You want to stop rudeness or anger...say something nice instead of negative....that helps change people to be positive, plus realize if they are being impolite or negative.
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I honestly am not.. Its just not me.. But if you ask me I will.. Its just that I'm not that someone who would compliment you... I keep it all to myself.. =/ I appreciate people very much.. I'm not just vocal and open.. But if the situation needs it.. You can rely on me.. Its just that with people close to me.. They don't need much of my words.. I'm more of actions.. They know how much I appreciate them.. They are more vocal than me.. But I find it much easier to criticize people I KNOW.. And tell them.. For I want them to be aware.. And change for the better.. Like if they were being rude, or been acting childish.. I would tell them.. So they can be aware and to avoid other people judging them.. In our society we are not that people who would always tell you sweet things.. I mean unlike here in USA.. People seem to be VERY vocal.. And tell things.. Back home.. Most are not like that.. We are more of actions.. We don't just tell things to make someone smile.. We kinda conservative even giving compliments... I am not use to it.. Here (USA) people would say sweet things.. And I don't even know how to react sometimes.. For I don't personally know him/her... I just smile.. Wew!!

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