I Consider Myself Decent But My Boyfriend Never Gives Me Any Compliments Why?


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If that is your picture, then speaking as a man, and a conosieuer of ladies, you are more than decent.. You are a very pretty girl.  The guy should compliment you more, or he is an idiot.
But I got to agree with dll, some guys simply are not good at compliments (some feel like it is getting mushy, and is hard to deal with.. They grow out of that), and some are simply oblivious.  I think my wife is beautiful, and probably should compliment her more often, but I sorta wander around lost in my own little world most of the time.  Luckily for me, she knows how I feel about her (she should after 20 yrs marriage), and she knows that just because I do not say it does not mean I do not feel it.. I am just a tad of a dense a**hole.  (About 2 months before our wedding, I sat her down and told her I was exactly that.. So she would have a chance to back out of the wedding.  I told her I did not want to hear, 5 or ten years later "I did not know you were such an a**hole or I would not have married you!")  She puts up with me which makes her nearly qualified for sainthood.
Back to the topic... (see what I mean about wandering around in my own lil world?)
Having been happily married for this many years (and we are happy, our son gets grossed out cause he says we still act like newlyweds), we have learned one or two things about how to have a good relationship.  And number one is HONEST, OPEN RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATION.
You must let him know how you are feeling, honestly, but you must not approach it in a way that would make him react defensively.  If he percieves he is being attacked, all listening ceases... This is where "respectful" comes into the equation.
Be warned, however, that Amerfarooq may be correct, and your boyfriend may be wanting to move on.  While I always believe that knowing the truth is a good thing, it can also be painful, so before you ask the questions, be sure you are ready to hear the answers.
If the boyfriend is ready to move on, then you are better off finding out now as it will get you back on the path towards finding that person out there who IS right for you. 
Good luck. 
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Some men just aren't good at compliments (that's not to say he can't and shouldn't learn)... But I think the real issue is how he makes you feel.. If you don't feel loved and wanted, then you two have some work to do, but it's not fair to make assumptions.  At a time when you're feeling close.. Talk to him about your insecurities and see what he has to say.  
(I'd put off the baby making until your relationship is on really solid ground.. A baby puts a lot of strain on even the best relationships) 
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Unfortunately such behavior from boys usually means they are looking for that "split-up" word, or when they are getting interested in someone else.
Also look for whether he shares his thoughts/problems with you, whether he likes your interference in his problems or not, how frequently he visits you(must be at least 6 times a week if he isn't busy or 2-4 times a week if he is busy enough to even breathe) & how much he takes you somewhere romantic(must be at least 1-3 times  week depending on his job/study schedule)
but if answer to any of above questions is no then it seems like god has chosen someone else MORE BETTER for you.
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Well you should first talk to him about odds our that he don't realize he is doing it  so I would talk to him and go from there you shouldn't hold things in it just makes hard feelings
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Mine is the same, it is soul destroying.  I don't know how to deal with it, I've told him umpteen times how much it upsets me.  Particularly when I get dolled up for a night out and he spends most of it talking to someone attractive.  I have had enough but don't know what to do.
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You have received some good answers, and some I would think about. Simply put, communication is the key.

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