If a man loves you but is scared stiff of commitment, will he ever change?


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Yeh he very likely will in time, us blokes seem to take a bit longer, at being ready for commitment , so some strange reason. Its not just him a lot of me are a bit like that, And like arthur said as well, sometimes we need a woman to give us a bit of a kick.
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Men always use the commitment cop out.  What he really means is:  You ok but im looking for something better.  U are just not what he is looking for which is someone for good times.  Dump the fickle man unless u want the same thing he wants.
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Yep good idead
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Hey don't waste time on thinking about it anymore, just get on with the relationship and well, time will pass and that's some commitment. Commitment is a strong word and both men and women don't want to be hurt, so take it easy and enjoy the NOW!

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