I Love My Husband But He Is Ignoring Me .I Feel As If He's Changed In Some Way.What's Your Advice?


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You both need to converse about this situation soon. Tell him straightly that you are puzzled about the relationship. Ask him for some moments to have a healthy conversation about your both. Select a time when you identify you'll both be peaceful, and choose a place where you won't be disrupted by others. Your home may not be the ideal spot, except when you turn off the phone and be in agreement of not to respond the door.
Before your conversation, write down your feelings and thoughts. Simplify the problem. And compose a list of all the stuff you like in him and the relationship. Then, write a list of what you don't like or hate about him.

While talking to him, do not blame him of disregarding problems. That will simply put him on the self-protective side, and he'll be less expected to communicate his factual feelings. Make use of "I" statements like "I am confused", "I want you know that I love you the most, but I am not certain if you still love me like before. Has anything altered?"
Your affiliation with one and other as husband and wife, deserve a peaceful meeting, so make it possible.
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You have to be cool and ignore him even though  you love him,,,, you should just concentrate to  yourself , and love yourself....thats it..

Do not mention how much you love him,,start to make new life for something,,such as any activity,, or any school..
Good luck
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My husband has been ignoring me for 14 years of marriage, but he doesn't want a divorce. Go figure...He has recently "gone deaf" on top of no sex...What's up w/ that? We were @ a restaurant w/ 3 other couples and I'm the only one who had to beg 4 times for some butter to go w/ my bread. I'm ok w/ being ignored in the home, but its embarrassing in public when I can't get his attention to pass me butter or wine. He paid $51 for a bottle of wine and there was leftovers. I wanted to drink what was left, but was afraid to ask for fear of not being heard. How embarrassed I feel when I have to persist and ask more than twice. Not sure if I should have stayed in this relationship, but my advice to anyone who can't handle it, get out or it will ruin your life. I'm so depressed and have no friends to talk to about this.
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Talk to him about it, ask him if somethings bothering him...
If he says yes and walks away ask mabay a co worker to keep an eye on him.
Mabay he lost his job and hasent told you, if all els fails tell him strait up!
Hope this helps!
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You must talk to your husband about the way you are feeling nowadays but first think about the right time to ask him. Never discuss such stuff if he is tired, not relax or not in a very good mood of discussion. As you are claiming that you love your husband then you can understand all of his moods, you can judge the best time to talk to him about this ignoring stuff because most of the time men do not like to have discussions about this matter.

Look, he might have some kind of problems at his job so you must talk about that first. The worst time to talk to him about such matters are when he comes back from office, he is tired, before or during meal, and even before sleep. Just find the right time when he is all free from other daily routines like while reading magazine or watching TV because suitable time will work splendidly to understand each other. Never talk about yourself first; ask him if he is relaxed or some kind of pressure on him etc. Then start to talk in a very relax manner and talk in polite and friendly manner if you want to lessen all of your ill feelings else there can be a big unmanageable mess.

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