My friend forced himself on me trying to kiss me. I don't know if I should hangout with him again. He said he loves me but he made me feel uncomfortable and a bit scared?


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Pepper pot answered

His actions in the eyes of the law is classed as assault. If a stranger in the street forced themself on you, you'd feel assaulted. The fact that his "a friend" makes no difference,  his advances were unwanted and unprovoked by you.

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Darik Majoren answered

He is obviously looking for a way OUT of the "Friend Zone".

What has escaped him, is that perhaps you put him there for a reason . . . Regardless, it should be made clear first, that this is where you want this relationship to remain (friends), and if he cannot abide by the guidelines, then you might have to severe ties with this particular acquaintance . . .

Also, make sure you are sending out clear signals, and have not blurred the lines emotionally . . .

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Your boundaries for friendship must be different than mine because I don't consider someone a friend if they try to force me to do something I don't want to do.

Go to YouTube and search for SING Self defense technique videos and watch those. Those will give you a strategy on how to extricate yourself when someone tries to force themselves on you. (SING - Solar plexus; Instep; Nose; Groin = SING).

If you've asked someone to stop and they don't, don't hesitate to defend yourself.

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