How do you stand up to your own mom when you are 11?


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mia samuels Profile
mia samuels answered
Well your not really a teenager yet but just be brave tHATS  all you need to do...
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
I don't think I ever really did.... Probably why she allowed me to continue to age as I have :)
abdullah siddiqui Profile
You don't stand up to your mom at 11, kid. That's shamelessness. You need to learn to obey your mom because everything your mom tells you to do is for your own freakin' good.
        If you can't understand that then ask your mom why she is telling you to do whatever that she wants you to do.
        Please learn that nothing good will come by fighting your parents. You'll feel sad and depressed deep down inside and when your parents die,your memories of your parents will always haunt you and trust me you don't want a heavy burden on you for the rest of your life.
Moo C. Profile
Moo C. answered
I think you are still a bit too young too stand up to your mom

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