How to tell if a lad likes you? How do they act?


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Im a guy so heres an easy awnser:he'll tell jokes out of the blue when he sees you commin and only does it if your close to him enough like if your 5-7 yards away he'll start acting kind funny by saying things to his friends he normally wouldn't say or if he's away and alone he'll sorta walk to others to be funny or maybe he'll offer you stuff of (here's a good one -->) he'll turn tomato red and smile ear to ear and walk away, but in a nice way not to hurt your feelings.And if you act normal and be ur self, he'll think you don't know he likes you and he'll be happy.act like someone else and he'll think you know and won't like you as much as he did but he'll still like you just not... 100% maybe 80-97%.hopes this helped and good luck ;)
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Does he make eye contact?  Does he smile when he sees you looking at him?  Does he tell jokes or try to make you laugh?  He may do nice things for you like moving over so that you have room to sit by him.  Or he may offer you a piece of candy at lunch.  Or he may walk you to class at school.  Or he may ask you about your family or friends so that he can get to know you better.  He may ask you what kind of music you like or what you favorite movie is.  If he does that type tying, he is trying to show you that he is interested in you and what you like.
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Be yourself, be nice to to one another.  That's basically good advice.
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well there are guys that if they like you they always stay around you there are also guys that if they like you,they always stay away from you because they dont want you to know that they like you, so you can never really tell.

but you can also tell that a guy likes you through his actions.

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He will try his best to be near you while trying not to make it look obvious.  He will also do and say silly things that he wouldn't ordinarily do.
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Tries To Sit Near You.. Email You A Lot .. Asks You To Go To The Mall..  Buy You Candy .  Flowers .. Tells You He Dedicated A Song To You  Asks You To Go To The Movies With Him.. Wants To Go For A Walk With You.
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Go up to him and eat some fruit. Eat it slowly. See what happens. The result will determine whether he likes you or not.
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Everybody else has you covered. I figured I'm allowed to have some fun.

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