When A Guy Stares At You What Should You Do?


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This really depends on whether you like the guy or not. If you do like him then the fact he is staring should be taken as a great sign he is interested.

Like the movies do so well, this is your cue to make him want you even more. Don't let on that you know he's staring but get your best visual flirting game on. This can be running your fingers through your hair or maybe seductively licking a lolly or taking a drink. Just treat it as a bit of fun and relax. Then near the end of your little show you could make eye contact with him and smile. He is sure to love this and this eye contact and smile might give him the 'green light' to come over and talk to you or even ask you out.

However if you do not like the guy who is staring, then you need for him to know this so he won't continue. The easiest way of doing this would be to stare back with a scowl. This is sure to give him the message you are not impressed with him staring and that you don't particularly like him. Although this may seem a little cruel and blunt, if you are not interested then it is better for him to know straight away; than get his hopes up and make him feel worse further down the line.
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Well, hes staring at you because hes interested in you...Hes attracted to you...Sometime men will not go up to a pretty women because they think that they don't have a chance..So they stare..
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Stare back if you like him and smile too he obviously likes you if he's staring, thats what boys do if they like a girl they just stare. Good luck !
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It probably means he likes you so I would stare back and smile at him but don't stare to long at him because then he will think you like him but if you look at him and smile and he blushes then it means he likes you but doesnt have the guts to ask you out or you just got something in your teeth lol just kidding
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It depends on who the man is and why he's staring.
If men just keep staring at you perhaps it's something to do with what you wear or how you look.
If the question is more general then I would possible stare back! Stare at him until he gives up and looks away - it's called staring him out. If you're uncomfortable with someone staring at you why not move away?
You could always go to him and ask why he is staring at you. This might lead to confusion if he denies it or he might tell you that he wants to see you again.
Some people stare without really being aware of what they are staring at - they are 'staring into space', rather than at someone in their focus and this can often be misinterpreted.
Unless you're made uncomfortable by it I'd just move way or ignore it
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There is nothing you can really do when a man stares at you in public. At the most you can try and keep moving yourself from one place to another and in case that man still continues to stare at you being a girl you can definitely go up and ask him what his problem is. But in case he keeps diverting himself and keeps staring at you on and off then there is nothing you can do.

In case you are in your tender years then maybe a boy staring at you is simply because he loves you. Don't worry in case it is really disturbing you then maybe you can go ahead and ask one of your guy friends to find out what the problem is.
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Stare back and smile if he smiles back he likes you and is confident but on the other hand if you smile and he don't smile back and he looks away he is obviously shy but does like you or ist just not interested good luck
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I don't know if this has ever happened to anyone but I had a crush on this guy in college for 2 years. It all started from his staring (which went on for 2 years). Even all my friends noticed him staring.
I finally mustered up my courage to tell him that I liked him and was crushed when he replied that he only saw me as a friend.
Same thing is happening to me now with this guy at work. I really like him and noticed that he keeps staring at me and smiles at me and says hi all the time when we bump into each other, even though there are other people around.
I am confused and too afraid to assume anything because of my past experience.
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If you r interested in him give him signs so that he comes forward and talks to you!!

If you r not interested just avoid coz he want stop staring!!
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If  he  stares  at  you  that  doesn't  mean nothing  But  it  could  mean that  he likes you
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Staring and looking are not the same. My answer is not romantic at all.  If somebody is staring at you, look at him enough to be able to describe him in case he does something bad.  Do not smile.  Keep him at a distance.  If he begins to approach you, move away. If let us say you are in a train and he starts to pretend he knows you, do not hesitate to shout "Stay away from me."  Criminals are not always ugly and mean looking.  Think of the possibility of him pretending to be your boyfriend and take you away with him.  Nobody would know that he is a stranger.  Be cautious.
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Okay I am a new student at my new school and there's this guy that kind of cool but I don't know him so he sometimes looks at me and stand there and when he sees me coming he go's right next to me but doesn't talk to me but his alway's's around girls and then when I am leaving some were and his talking to some girls he stops talking then he sings in front of me with is friend at lunch but we don't talk.
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It mean he loves you. Then he expects for you to tell him how you feel gaze into his eyes and tell him if you love him back if not tell him but don't gaze
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I also have a guy in my class who I know well but who always brings up the quote 'I don't like you' but then stares at me in the middle of our classes and when I look he or looks away quickly or just keeps on staring waiting for my reaction. This kind of staring shows hes into you but has no guts to tell you about it

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