What does it mean if a guy blushes around you , stares at you,asks you to slow dance , talks about you with your friends, tries to make you laugh and impress you, But Says no when your friends ask him if he likes you (but his face turns blood red)?


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He probably does like you but guys almost never tell a girls friends the truth about whether he likes yyou or not. He could be shy and just not entirely sure what to do about his feelings yet.
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AHH. Some men do not like to let their friends know they like a certain girl,because they will tease him and he does not want to be embarassed. Well then its time for him too man up. Thoses days of being bassful around friends are OVER!!!! Step up too the plate or you may miss your best meal. If you like him let him know that. If he stills act the same. Move on sister you have no time to raise a man. Let him know the ship is about to sail and trust me in the open waters many ships will  be hoisting their sail and you may find a bigger and better ship. So happy sailing and Good Luck!
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He's probably waiting for you to ask him if he likes you.
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He likes you but is shy.
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Sara Bran answered
Of course he's going to say he doesnt like you he's shy and I would bet he's in loooove with you but thinks your out of his league!!!!
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Viva La Vida
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The thing is he talks to EVERY girl but me! I always say hi first. Why is he doing this! That is why i have dout that he likes me! Plz anwser back! Thanks you soo much!
Sara Bran
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Maybe he's trying to make you jelouse so he can see if you like him or not or maybe he's afraid to make the first move couse guys get really upset when there turned down try droping some hints that you like him you could try pointing out some things you like about him in a friend way he should get the hint!
Viva La Vida
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Ok ill try that thanks. I am pretty sure he likes me so i will try not to be nervous around him. Thank you sooo much

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