What Does It Mean If Your Ex Tries To Hook You Up With His Friend?


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It means that he doesn't respect you .if he is trying to hook you up with his friends they must of talked about you to his friend. And his friend just wants to try you. Or maybe his friend has had a crush on you for like forever and seen that you and his friend didn't work out so he can make his move now. Just make a wise decision when it comes to friends
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May be difficult to hear, but he is definitely over you. A guy would NEVER push the woman he likes toward another man. If he is still interested in you, he would have done something about his feelings by now. About him being nervous, it may be because there was no closure when the relationship ended. It may have been awkward for him seeing you again.
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He might just want a three-way. Is he bi?
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He is over you.  So you need get over him. I would say don't date his friend.  May he is trying to hook you up with his friend out of guilt, or trying to poss you on to have something to talk about with his friend or like bickle said he wants a three-way.
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I think he may be one of 2 points
1)he may wait for your reaction as you think
2)he feel guilty that he've cut your relation so he is angry and trying to compensate what he had done with you
really I think the first point is near to the truth but we can't ignore the
Probability of the second one
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that is what I'll do if I'm in your place if i want him back and don't want his friend will not accept what he is doing?
i hope i can help u

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