My Girlfriend Just Broke Up With Me... And Already She Is Talking To Another Guy,im Very Mad About It... Should I Run Up And Just Start Attacking Him? Because I Want To, Really Badly.


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Devin Halbisen answered
I would say DON'T! Then not only will she see what you did but you will get sent to jail. I know that you are mad but doing something like that won't solve anything. Just try to calm down ok.
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The attack thing, is a felony and as angry as you sound you may lose control and hurt someone who may be innocent in this situation. It was her choice to break up and be thankful she did that instead of doing something behind your back. Give yourself some time to think about is too fresh of a pain to discuss rationally. If you ever want to get back with her win her respect by behaving in a manner that shows you respect yourself and appreciate her decision to break up if she was interested in someone else instead of cheating. Some significant others just cheat and then if it doesnt work out with the person they are interested in they just stay with you and you are none the wiser. I give her credit for that one even though it hurt.
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Move on!you can do better!!!
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If you want to go to jail for assault and possibly get sued go ahead its not worth it.
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Lauren Usry answered
No, don't do that. She probably broke up with you because you think like that. Let her be. If you do that she will see how much of a gentleman you are. Just because she talks to another guy doesn't necessarily mean she likes him. And if she does, it's not like you are still going out. But sometimes one just needs to be with someone else so they can feel better. If you want to attack him, then you need to talk to him. Take him some where quiet and tell him not to hurt her. He will understand. It might be awkward at first but it's okay.
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Lovetta DiNino answered
If you guys are broke up then whats the problem I think if you guys broke up then what is the problem you are only hurting yourself let it go move on shes doing what she wants to do and I can imagine it hurts but it will all get better with time
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Well you need to relize that she must have already been talking to him on a certain level to just go on after you guys just broke up. So to ease your pain call up one of your girl buddy, find out where her and her guy would be and flaunt your girly friend around. But on a personal note I wouldnt dare touch him even though your really mad because thats what she wants
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Don't do it. Your ex will love the attention. I say moved on because the guy didn't nothing wrong to you.
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Leave him and her alone show her you don't care shell be like dam I thought he cared. She might want you back.
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Believe it or not the worst thing you can do to get her is to get yourself together and totally ignore her! Move on as if you are thanking god she's gone and hey you might even hook up with someone much better. Nobody is worth going to jail for!!!!!

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