My Girlfriend I Get Jealous Everytime She Talks To Other Boys . And At The Start Of Our Relationship She Was Flirting Other Boys By Texting . She Has Loads Of Boy Mates She Says She Prefers The Company Of Boys. What Do I Do?


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My girlfriend is the same but if you ever mention it she falls out with me, then I look like I'm controling even tho I'm telling her just how I feel. What I find helps is not just telling her you love her showing her. By showing her the difference between me and her boy mates. Just lately she had tonsillitis and I rang her on her phone just to see how she was everynight also so she wasnt so board of staying at home. I brought it up in one of these discusions and for the first time she said sorry I talked her through her mates are just there to knock about with but I would be there whatever happend...
By 2 weeks later she started to stop being with her boy mates and spending more time with me because she realised I would be there for her.
So if I was you make her realise why she is with you.
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Ive had this problem quite recently actually, and most girl,and I'm saying most because most girls do like having lots n lots of friends who are guys. Most people like to make friends,and theres nothing wrong with that,but the smartest thing to do is to confront her, and tell her how you feel when you see this happening. My girlfriend has a lot of guy friends,and she has these brother type or relationships with other guys. And it makes me jealous, but my point is if you have a problem,talk it out with her,shes there for a reason,shes not there so she can please you all day,shes there to support you  and comfort you and be by your side. And if she doesnt like the idea of cooling it alittle,then maybe just give it some time to take effect,or just do what you think is right. Jealousy will occur in almost every relationship you will have,get her attention,and say something. Don't just sit there and watch her do it. Say something. Communication is VERY important in a relationship,it may be hard to talk about some subjects,but pull through with it. Trust me,it will make you feel better about it,and it might also help.
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You like her for the reason she is the way she is, something about having lots of flirty ways probably appeals to you in some way, so accept or move on.  Not a good idea to try to change things about people to suit your insecurities.  Never works and the other feels unaccepted.
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Well..girls like having guy friends
I mean to me...guy friends are fun to hang out with
but have you seen her
like..EXTREME love flirting
or .like chit chat..flirting.random talk
don't' be jealous
just go by the flow
and act cool
she just likes hanging out with guy friends. ------all girls are like that
but....I hope your not jealous
if she's actually having LOVE going on with her friends. Now thats a different story
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Try and trust her but that;s going to be very difficult who can honestly be comfortable with that- not me.
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Okay, what you got to do
is get some girl friends, just like she does
but you can hang around them more,
that will give her a taste of her own medicine
and then maybe she will stop
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What I would do is just talk to her , don't get girls to be like that too you , shell end up braking up with you, trust mee I'm a girl.
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Tell her your feelings.If she continues to to flirt with other guys, then maybe she isn't worth your time.
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Well I am just like her I like boy friends more than girls . . . . Trust me she isn't going to cheat on you I have a boyfriend he knows I wont leave him even if I talk to them like that. I talk to them like that because when your such good friends with a guy it just becomes a habit tell her how you feel kindly though she may get mad that you would think she'd cheat or do anything like that to you so you don't take it bad is not what it seems.
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Well I think that she is trying to make you jealous, maybe because she is feeling insecure and thinks you don't like her as much. Just tell her you do love her and try to make her feel special and reassure he that she means a lot to you
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Well to be honest I find it weird  now having some Guy friends is okay but you said LOADS thats not. You shouldnt be in the relationship with her if you can't trust her.

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