How To Impress A Boy Without Talking To Him?


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HowToImpressABoy.Net is a site created for just this purpose. Flirtatious looks towards a boy, without being outré or overtly obvious about your intentions, can draw a boy in like a spider draws its prey. Opening doors for him and letting him pass in a street or corridor, or standing next to him in the lunch queue, are equally as effective. If you know anyone who knows the boy, talk to them about what he likes in a woman and try to adjust accordingly.

Perhaps he likes girls who don't form part of a clique and who stand out by their achievements, musical or dramatic or sporting. Always be yourself when he is around you and others to let you know what you are really like, nobody likes a fraud, after all, and always try to smile widely and not cackle when you find something funny. Any understatements or half-smiles may be more alluring that a straight statement of intent by mouthing something sexy at him.

If anything, the boy would view you as too full-on. Perhaps just eyeing him across the room and then looking away sometimes would be advisable. Boys tend to notice any girls who are too interested in making themselves look pretty by synthetic means, although they are also wary of those who (feminist or not) may rely on physical strength. Beauty, however, is in the beholder's eyes, so it could be that for all your impressiveness he isn't really interested, which would always lie at the fundamentals of a relationship if it were indeed to be initiated.
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Hi mates....never follow any tips to attract or impress others...even if its a boy or a girl...just be your way.....because he should not like you in his way....he should like you in your it ....I believe!...
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Well it all depends if you like the guy or not. If you do and want to impress him follow these guidelines, they have worked for me numerous times.
1. Be confident
2.don't look at him. Unless he tries to talk to you of course
3.dress to impress to all his friends. Whether its just saying hi or smiling
5. Don't answer phone calls, e-mails, txt messages right away.(it will keep him wondering)
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Be your self
Never seem desperate because then he'll know better
Don't were the skin tight cloths ( leggings ok)
Don't say anything stupid
Wear barely any make up
Be a good friend
Be a good listener
Don't ever bring him home to your dad

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Well you asked How To Impress A Boy Without Talking To Him and I think you should really talk to him because it is kind of awkward if you don't talk. The comment right before me said Don't ever bring him home to your dad, well you parents have to know him some day so why don't you call each other friends for NOW. and one thing you should always do is Be your self!
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First of all when he is watching you pass a smile to him.
2) Always wear Nice clothes that attracts people.
3)Try to be cool in front of him.
4)In front of him don't don't do over acting.
5)Don't let your mom shout at you in front of him.
6)Always try to be friendly with all.
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I think that one to who you like or love should come to you and just be yourself and do not change that person will like you most what you are and just keep smiling and have fun and ignore him I am sure he will come back or will try to talk to you
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Silence is having many of the unspoken words. Many times the speechless affection offers better and smarter impressions. If you are planning to impress a guy without speaking, you can do it just by your natural gestures and behaviors. The very first requirement is to offer killing smile to the guy. Also the simple touch and adjusting with the wish of guy are the most important needs to impress a guy. Guys always like the girls that get merged with them and follow them. Have a passionate touch and affectionate approach with him and he will not only get impressed but also will get habitual of you. Perform the best and get the best.
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Be yourself ladies, Dress how you normally dress, wear what you normally wear and do what you normally do. There is no need what so ever to change who you are in ANY way just to impress another. Think about it.
There is absolutely no need to impress somebody for them to notice, look, or even like you. When we are not true to whom we really are things just have a way of not working out. If for some reason this person that you so want to attract your way, doesn't, then that person is not meant for you in the first place.
To impress someone naturally by being just you, will form, “True Love, True Friendships, and a true heart.
True love is a Natural Attraction that most of us don't acknowledge cause we are too busy chasing others that are wrong for us.
If you really like someone that's fine, say "hi" don't be scared of something before it happens or if it happens, don't talk yourself into thinking what he or she is thinking. What ever the outcome I'm sure by being yourself will be a lot more rewarding than being someone you're not and losing more.
Most likely by being yourself the one that you end up impressing WILL be the one that we least expect when we least expect it!
Remember, you can not go down from a truth, so being you is more likely to get you what and whom you want at the end of the day.
Good luck!
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First look in boy; eye deeply do not stair . Tell him sit with me and when he sit near you then come closer and catch his hands and rub gently and try to throw your pencil or anything down and wait till he pick up and when he down you also try to go down and at that moment he will try to kiss you be confident and kiss him any where you want ...I have of luck
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You can just help him out and firstly please do ask what type of girl he likes. Not as a girlfriend or a sexy question, just ask him in a normal like a normal question. This helped me a lot
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Its all indirect activity.. Look at him in the eye (don't stare), give him a nice quick smile and start biteing your lips (just to distract him aliitle). By the time the night ends he will be drooling to get your attention
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How to impress a boy without talking to him???

Very tough question! :(

Even I'm trying to impress, but nothng postive is happening  :(

I'm myself, no overacting.

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Look at him in the eye (don't stare), give him a nice quick smile and start biting your lips and of course dress sexy.Shop Now at for Sexy Dresses and Cheap Party Dresses. 

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If  you like the boy whom your teased with and if you both are not talking to each other just give a small smile when he sees you. Be yourself don't over react when he is near you. Dress neatly, don't do too much of make up. Be close to his friends, talk to them in a positive way. Don't be  rude to others. Be confident and be as you are in front of him and try to be smiling always.

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I'm in 8th grade. I really like a guy in 9th. I don't know even if he knows me or not, n I don't have the guts to go straight to him n talk. Plz give me some suggestions n tips
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ONe way is to when you see him walk up to him and say hey Handsome.
Be yourself.
Don't fake
don't wear all the makeup in your cabinet.
Don't wear your sluttiest outfits(in the bedroom you)
Confidence is the biggest oh my god thing for guys.

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