How To Impress A Friend?


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If this person's a true friend, you won't need to impress her/him will skills or possessions.  A true friend likes you because of your positive qualities.  If you feel like you have to impress a certain friend with things besides your personality, maybe you should calmly tell them how you feel and hope for the best.
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Listen to them.  Compliment them on what they do well. Be respectful, not clingy.  Always show them your beautiful smile.
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Just love nt 2 show...truly...its an internal feeling..nt cum 4 ol,...
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There is nothing to impress a friend ...if you want to impress him/her b true wid her doesnt mean to act so ...real friendship is golden! :) :)
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I don"t know any specific thing but I want to say that for getting a true friend you have to search for them

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