How Do I Get My Mom To Take Me To The Gyno?


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You have got to go to the doctor.  Get your whole family involved if you have to or let me know how I can help.  I'm glad you have done your research and endometriosis is serious.  It could continue to grow and go to your brain.  It's very scarey, don't put your health at risk, you have to do whatever it takes to go.
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i've been trying to get her to take me but she doesn't like her gyno because she costs a lot and it takes forever to get an appointment. i told her about my friend allie's dr. but she's not going for it. any ideas?
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Well do you know why she wouldn't take you? Since you're under the age of 18 you'll  have to have an guardian to take you. If you're mom wont take you no matter if you're in so much pain, you'll have to go to planned parenthood. Don't be stubborn I've been there before and everything is strickly private. 
 tiggersmom is right, your mom can get introuble for child neglectance.
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i thought planned parenthood was just for birth control and stuff like that. do they check for my kind of pain? i don't know why she won't take me. she doesn't believe me when i tell her I'm in pain (even though she's seen me doubled over in to much pain to make it to the bathroom or that i think i might have something. a few years ago i had a problem with my foot and it hurt to walk and it took her almost nine months to get me to a dr. and i had to have surgery. how much does planned parenthood cost? i don't have a lot of money.
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they have all kinds of help and services, just ask. They only ask for donations only what you can give. If you don't have any they're not going to bite you for it. CALL them and ask.
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thank you. I'll find out more about tomorrow.
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Wow friend. You need to go to the doctor! Your mother can get in some very serious trouble for not getting you medical aid. Unless she is one of the religion that doesn't go for medicine. Even then she doesn't have the right to keep you from the medical attention. I would tell her that she can get in trouble for this. But don't make it sound like you are going to turn her in for this, so she won't blow her top with you. Hope this helps you out my friend.♥

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