my step mom will come get me to see my brothers and then one day she just stoped and then i was wait for years and i have not see them i send her a text saying i want to see my brothers or i am taking her to court but i do not have the money for that?


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If you can't back up a threat, don't make it.

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1st .. Texting and insisting or demanding anything is pointless

2nd .. Threatening to take her to court .. Is pointless .. YOU aren't able to do that .. You have no rights in terms of visitation .. AND .. You can't take anyone to court for anything unless you have the money to pay lawyer and legal fees

3rd .. You have to remember she is under no obligation to bring you to visit your brothers .. She only ever did it as a favour .. Its a privilege not a right

4th .. You should ask her .. Nicely .. Not demand .. And show gratitude not a bad attitude when asking for a favour

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Ok, so your dad is dead and you have step-brothers that you want to see, but your step-mom is not giving you the opportunity to do that?

Instead of texting your step-mom, try calling her and having a conversation with her about this. Tell her that you miss your brothers and it would be wonderful if you could visit with them.

Or if your mom is still alive, you could ask her advice about what to do. She might try and talk to the step-mom (adult to adult) about this.

Last choice is to just wait until you are old enough to drive, so transportation is not a hindrance. When this happens, ASK your step-mom if you could visit your brothers.

The thing to remember is, if you really want to see your brothers, that's the main thing. You don't need to get angry, shout and carry on like you've lost your mind. You don't need to bring up the past, etc. Simply focus on what you'd like to have happen. The worst that could happen is she would say no - then you will have to wait until the boys are old enough to make the decision to see you on their own. Good luck.

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Sometimes you just have to let it go. If you've tried several approaches with the step-mom and she won't let you see them, you're going to have to wait until they are older. Essentially she is holding all the cards.
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I'm so sorry CoreyAnna. We know it hurts to miss their childhood. Danae is right. Eyes on the prize, not the past. I sure hope things work out.
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