How Do You Tell Your Fiance He Is Bad At Making Love?


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Well if it feels good of corse hes doing good
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What the hell are you talking about? Your answer makes absolutely no sense. It DOESN'T feel good, that's why he's not good, and besides that, the question was, how do I break that news to him, not whether or not you think he is good. That answer was totally moronic.
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This is a touchy thing.....Almost all guys think they are the best when it comes to sex...Perhaps you could suggest reading an article online about how too...Watch a video and suggest he try this or that...Guys dont have the foggiest clue what feels good to a woman because reality is they are only interested in getting off not foreplay...They have the idea if they get off then you enjoyed it and it makes them great at love making...Obviously you love him and its not for the sex or you wouldnt be engaged.... By the way CONGRATS...
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Umm... They always say for u to help him make u feel good. Rather just breaking the news to him that he's not good, maybe guide him. The 'yes' and 'no' responses, if he's hitting ur G spot.
I'm not the total talking type during sex xD but trying to be in charge turns a man on(from a man's prospective). What I learn was u have to let him know he's not the only one who needs to feel good ;p everything else should flow along. Oh, please dont fake it! It'll just make him think you're feeling good and he'll continuing not making u feel good. Sad isnt it? Lol
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Well, if you don't want to tell him and if you don't want to be with him forever, then what?
You just need to talk to him and tell him what you want from him. You should be open enough to tell him what ever you need to.

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