How Do I Make My Boyfriend Want Me Again Without Having Sex?


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You don't have to have sex to prove you love him, your words are the strongest of proof in expressing your love... There is a saying, (that if a man can not win a heart with his words alone ,then he is no man at all) you are golden, because you have stated how much you love him even on your profile is a action that can cause unwanted children & std, and many other circumstance's that can separate you two at your young ages. You like to draw so draw him a picture that expresses your love, and make him a bracelet like a friendship bracelet, but it will represent a promise to save yourself for him when the time is right in both of your life's. He as well can make or buy a ring or bracelet that stands as a promise of devotion to wait for you as well, to prove his love and respect...he is lucky to have you, so remember that...and stay strong... Best wishes
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Spend time with him don't be too clingy but just tell him you care about him more than anything else and if he really does care about you he will love you whether you have sex or not
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The best thing you can do is show the side of you that expresses your kindness, thoughtfulness & concern for the commitment the two of you have made. You can do that by asking about his day, his job, his boss or his teachers. You can tell him you are sorry if his day was not good, or massage his back/neck if he has had a stressful drive to your house (bad traffic) etc., Ask questions that show that you care about him, his family, his pets, his personal life that may not directly involve you. Let him know that what is of concern to him is of concern to you. Everything does not revolve around the 2 of you. You each have lives and connections to other people that do not directly involve the 2 of you as a couple. Still, what affects one of you indirectly affects the 2 of you. If he has an argument with his Dad, it will affect your evening together. Let him know that you are in this relationship for the good times as well as the bad. Let him know he is important to you in your words as well as your actions. But, do not become too dependant on each other for company. It is good and wonderful when you care for one another so much that you do not wish to be apart. But, it can go too far. When you feel that you can not function without each other it can become dangerous to the relationship. You need to maintain friendships and family connections beyond the 2 of you as a couple. Find that happy medium of loving and caring for your BF and being an independent, responsible girl.
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Sex is not something you need to show you love him you could write a song for give him something like ring .the best way to show him you love him are your words are enough sometimes your actions prove it but you don't have to have sex you could suprise him of something like you could take him somewhere and give him a watch and any other thing. Make him feel like your best thing that he ever comftable about things that he talks about sometimes that is enough and sometimes I LOVE YOU! Is enough.
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Well, the easiest way is to tell him !! Guys are a bit simple, unlike girls. Tell him you love him, and if he feels the same, he is yours!! There's no need in buying gifts or doing anything unnecessary. Plus, giving yourself up is not an option. If he agrees in making love with you, he's probably using you to fulfill his desire for lust. The best way is to tell him or reflect it in your actions.
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Pittpony, the only practical to have your boyfriend love you again without having a sexual contact is to understand him and through various acts and deeds, show and exhibit it to him how intensely and deeply you are in love with him. Tell him that he is the most handsome guy you have ever met. Inform him about your goodness and qualities as well as his! This will hopefully help in you winning you man!
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Just be honest
and share every bit of yourself with him
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Remind him what you're all about and what he still loves. You know he wants you and my god I know that you know that he yearns for you. He'll be crawling back soon. Thats how guys work.
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Sex aint always the key to show you love some one try telling it to him maybe by a poem or a letter....tell himm what you like bout him

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