I'm in 12th grade and my boyfriend wants to have sex with me... should I do it?


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Precious Taylor answered

Well, I don't think your grade level has much to do with it..but assuming your around the age of 17-18. Your old enough to make your own decisions, but make them responsibly! Sex is a BIG step in a relationship and if your sexually attracted to him and WANT to do it for your OWN satisfaction then go ahead. I'm not saying sex is the right thing to do at your age because there's always that pregnancy chance and your life has barely begun as it is. But, with our generation its common for 13 year olds to be pregnant and lose their innocence at like 11. VERY BAD but VERY TRUE. At least your old enough to know whether or not your doing this because your ready and because you want to. All in all, (I don't recommend it) do what makes you happy. Just be sure he's someone you can share that attraction with.

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Charles Davis answered

I don't think that is anything a Q&A site can answer. It is a question you can only answer for yourself. It's a bit more personal then we can answer here. You have to decide on your own if you're ready for sexual activity.

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If you have to ask abscure forum like this to figure that out  .. Then the answer is .. Absolutely not. 

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If you have to ask, then you are hesitant.  If you are hesitating about doing something this significant, you are not ready to do it yet.

Engaging in sexual intercourse when at the very least your heart, mind, and body are not yet reaching out to your boyfriend, pretty much guarantees the experience will not be a pleasant one when you look back on it.

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