I'm a virgin and I want to have sex for the first time with my boyfriend and feeling are mutual, I feel I'm ready to but I'm scared it will hurt, what should I do?


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The first comment is right + Yes it's going to hurt, so take it slow and you will surely have some pain once it goes in as technically your hymen has to break and that supposedly the only thing that hurts, but oh well!^^
Use protection!
Remember (for your boyfriend); 'Don't be silly, cover your willy!'
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She has a point! In high school boys are jerks!
I dated one guy and the only reason he liked me was because I had 'curves' and my body-.-!
Boys BOAST about that kind of stuff!x
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Men are jerks they use you for your looks and body but not all men are so the more you get to know them the better.
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It will hurt. Take it slow.Make sure you are on birth control for at least a month before you have sex.Also, have him wear a condom, or you will get pregnant.
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Since you already said that your feelings are mutual and you want to do this ill just get straight to the point. It may hurt. KEY term in that, MAY. The hymen breaking is also the start of your first period. So if you've already gotten your period it probably wont hurt AS much. The most pain will come from the intrusion of his body parts into yours because its not used to that happening. Like the other comment said, have him take it slow until you feel comfortable with the feeling. NOT ALL GIRLS experience pain, and I know that from experience. I didn't experience any sort of pain when I loss my virginity. Its different for each girl. You DONT HAVE TO BE on birth control, its a precaution to preventing pregnancy. I would recommend it but you don't need it. HAVE HIM WEAR A CONDOM! If he doesn't want to, they make girl condoms, use it. All in all, I hope your first time is a wonderful experience for you. Be smart and be safe!

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It can either hurt or not hurt. My first time it didn't, but it's really different for every girl. As everyone else said, just take it slow! Go at your own pace and only do what's comfortable for you. &As someone else said ALSO, make sure that you two practice safe sex! 

Sex can be fun & pleasurable, but you need to both make sure to take precautions to not get STD's or an unwanted pregnancy.  Always make sure that things are comfortable for you too. Speak up and be really open about what works and what doesn't with your partner. It's a good skill to have, especially since he's your boyfriend. He'll wanna know. Anyways, good luck!

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