I Have Mild Dysplasia...if I Keep Having Sex With My Boyfriend Will That Effect My Next Papsmear?


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Dysplasia means abnormal cells which are not cancerous but can develop in to cancer. Cervical dysplasia is detected by pap smear test. This dysplasia can take many years to develop cancer. Mild cervical dysplasia is very common and it regresses in 70% of cases on its own. There are many reasons of cervical dysplasia like HPV, HIV, poor nutrition, birth control pills  and cigarettes smoking.
If cause of your cervical dysplasia is HPV or HIV from your partner then sex with him will not hurt you more because you are already positive for HPV or HIV. So, you need regular pap smear screening to detect any further development in dysplasia and prompt treatment. It is not necessary that your boyfriend gave it to you because there are other reason which can cause cervical dysplasia.

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