What Would Cause Fluid To Gather In My Ankles? I'm Not Diabetic But Members Of My Family Are. I Do Work In An Office So I'm Not Very Active.


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It could be a matter of lack of circulation due to lack of movement. While setting at your desk rock your feet back and forth from toe to heel. Then raise your left leg up in the air and put it down, then raise your right foot in the air and put it down. Do this 10 times for each leg. Next make a big circle with your left leg and then do the same with your right leg. Repeat all of the above 10 times ever hour. If you can and are allowed - walk in place at your desk for 3 minutes. See if this doesn't help with the swelling. If it does not, I would consider seeing a doctor. There are numerous reasons for swelling and some can be serious. I hope this is helpful and takes care of the problem.
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What you say makes complete sense and is what I've been thinking. However, I've been at this job for 14 years so I've been doing a lot of sitting. If it is just poor circulation why wouldn't it have shown up a long time ago?
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Lots of things that have never been a problem before begin to show up as we age. Another thing that can be causing your problem is congestive heart failure. There are other causes as well. If the exercises do not alleviate your problem, I would certainly seek medical advice. I would not wait an extended period of time before I scheduled a visit with the Dr. If results do not happen in a week, make that appointment. When you are home, keep your feet elevated, that should help also.
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Thanks again Nanat. Never gave congestive heart failure a thought. Something to definitely remember.
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I think it has something to do with DIET.. Too much salt and less activity.. EDEMA is caused by too much salt in the body.. Where the salt goes ,, the water goes.. I suggest decrease sodium intake and go exercise.. A tip from nanat is great!! =D stretching can be good.. =D
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Thanks Tinga! I don't eat a lot of salt but I also don't exercise like I should. I have been trying to get out and walk in the evenings which does seem to help.
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Well that would be great!! =D and just less on sodium.. =D you can never tell .. Everything preserved is high in salt.. Just reminding you.. =D take care.. And keep it up!!! Eat healthy and do exercise!! =D

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