I'm almost 14 and around when I was 12 to 13 i got in a lot of trouble but now not so much. Most of it was because of boys, so my parents don't trust me. But I'm not like that anymore. How can I get my parents to trust me again so that i can date? P.S. I'm in 8th grade.


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Do good in things, and besides your too young to date anyway.

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You must earn their trust again by showing how much you have grown up and how you are mature now. And when you meet a guy that you like, have your parents meet him too and get to know him, therefore your parents can see if you're making the right choices for the kinds of guys you want to date.

Here is a link that maybe you should take a look at:

Hope this helps.

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14 isn't old enough to date, no matter how bad or good you were in the past or are now. Did you ever think it may not be you that they don't trust? It might be th boys?

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