My mom and dad don't let me use my ipod on weekdays and i behave most of the time, and I get all A's on my classes but they still don't trust me. How can i make them trust me? By the way they are strict Asian parents that act like angry tigers.


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You need to give more info! Why are they not letting you? Have you misbehaved in the past? Are you doing well in school, yet acting out? Are you defiant to them?

With questions like these, A LOT MORE info can give us some insight and in turn, give you a more precise and helpful answer

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Vinh Nguyen
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i behave good and i listen to them and i never got detention or in trouble in school. They said they don't "trust me" and
Vinh Nguyen
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never behave really bad at home.
Turner William
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We'll i think you have to follow your parents since they know what is good for you...

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