How do I ask my mom for a thong? I have strict parents I am 13 years old, and I wear boy shorts. I told my mom I had panty lines, and she bought me seamless boy shorts. I get made fun of in the locker room. People call them granny pants. I don't want to get made fun of... what do I do?


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Hey girl, I was in the same situation.  Whenever I tried to talk to my mom about it she just freaked out and refused to talk.  So eventually, (when I was like 15) I bought a cheap 5-pack at walmart, then just kept slowly accumulating my "supply."

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Unfortunately at that age, you have little to no impact on what you say/do to your parents. Their influence is over-powering, however they're doing it for your own good. A large sum of boys at that age would try to take advantage of girls.

There is one thing you can do, though. Don't let the bullying get to you. Middle school is the ultimate source of bullying; it's like bullying heaven. It's the most likely place that you'll get tortured by other students; I would know from first-hand experience.

I was unfortunately a major victim of bullying in middle school and didn't have a good enough technique to handle the bullies. I dreaded going to school at that age.

I've tried ignoring them, which couldn't have possibly worked in the first place because whatever they said to me just got a whole lot worse.

Is your principal/counselor strict? Will they inflict very harsh punishments on bullies? They most likely are, which means that you can instantly snitch on them if they start bullying you. Keep doing this until they stop.

If you don't do anything about it, they'll continue to use you as their punching bag, meaning every time they get the urge to bully, they'll start with you. And it's because they have lots of trouble, stress, and anxiety from home. I wouldn't be surprised if they were suffering from depression.

If you could talk to them directly and try to help them confront their home issues, that might actually help. Some bullies are bullies for that very reason, and a few of them might actually open up and discuss it. Remember, the harder it is for them to open up, the more anger they have built inside of them.

If it just gets damn near impossible to try and help them confront their issues, talk to your counselor about it. They might be able to do something for them.

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I wouldn't say you'd want a thong, just normal, comfortable girls' underwear. I'm 13 too, and my parents are really strict, but trust me, if you say that you need a particular kind of underwear so that you're comfortable, you'll most likely get some age, gender appropriate underwear.

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im poppy and im also 13, i understand where you are coming from and i suffer just like you, i cant even talk to my mum about private stuff like boyfrends, bras, periods.... So i know where your coming from but i just suggest u sit down and talk to her about how people make fun of u and just tell her the truth, im sour it will be fine.


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Maybe I'm promoting the wrong message here but.. Maybe you should go find yourself one. Without her knowing... If it's going to help you, I definitely encourage that stuff. But your three years younger than me and I'm not even thinking about all that thong crap so...?

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