I Am A 13 Year Old Boy If Some Girl Asks Me To Have Her Should I ? And Also What Does A 13 Year Old Girl Want In A 13 Year Old Boy


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Yes ! Of course you should have sex with a girl is she asks you. ( unless you or her have aids or something ).  And well if you like her, its not like you r going to marry her or anything your only 13 shes just there for some fun.  I am a girl who is also 13 and I have never asked a guy to do anything sexual with me, it just kinda happens.  I have not had sex before but I have done pretty much everything else ( I mean everything ) also I have done a lot of stuff with other girls which most guys think is hot lol.  What I want in a boyfriend is that he is funny but knows not to go to far and he knows how to have fun, I want to be comfortable hanging with my BF and I want him to make me feel safe ( like when we are hugging/kissing each other the world could explode and we would still be standing there.) I don't want a guy that is too square that is about the most annoying thing in the world.  Also, (my shallow side) I don`t like guys to be really skinny I am quite curvy ( c-cup and large hips haha ppl say ma ass is my best feature though lol) and there is nothing worse then being afraid to hug a guy because he feels "breakable" lol.  I also like my BF to be taller than me ( I don't think I have ever dated a guy who is shorter than me ) I am "5" "6" and looking down at a guy or bending over to kiss him is just a horrible thought in my opinion.  Not that I wouldnt date a guy who is shorter than me but their personality better be pretty amazing and I need to like them a lot.  There is a certain amount of physical attraction that is needed to go along with the personality and if you happen to have that than that is great.  TIPS :If you like a girl ask her out I never ask guys out .  Don`t keep a girl guessing for too long if they r anything like me they will tire of guessing in about two days so either give her some serious hint that you like her ( and make sure she understands the hint) or tell her you like her / tell one of her (more trustworthy) friends that you like or just ask her out.  If you get rejected don`t take it personally everyone has different things they want in a guy maybe you just rn`t what she is looking for.
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You should NOT have sext at 13! What is wrong with you?
I fell in love with  a horse
No sex at 13 that is wrong most boys haven't gone through puberty at 13! And some girls! And think about if you both have gone through puberty and you become pregnant try explaining that to your parents
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It's hard to be a parent and to take care of a child, just saying. This won't benefit your future. The final decision falls on you. I hope you will have a secure future.
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Well most girls look for guys with personality and humor but the guy has to be kinda sweet in some ways. But to me the most important part in a guy is to be himself. The guys who are like that are completely sexy to me anyways.<33 KeNzIe!!<33
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I am here to advise you on a subject that seems to have a difference in the answers. The final decision falls on you.

Balancing a child and studies is going to be a real challenge for you at age 13, so I personally would suggest that you shouldn't. It would be a bad image for your girlfriend, she might be mocked by her peers because of a bulging stomach. Her parents will be very upset, most likely. Basically, you might embarrass her. It would not be good, I would wait until you're much older.

I'm sorry if I said this too late. I hope you might listen anyways.

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You are too young. Yor heart will definately be broken because at the age of 13 these things wil;l ruin you. Ask all the old couples you know to testify if they ended up living happily ever after with their teenage partners... I t does not happen!

18 yrs is better as you will be wiser ...hopefully..
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Ask your parents,guardians,pastor and see what they say since they are responsible for how you are raised and they(your parents or guardian) have to take care of any problems you create or cause.besides that is what your parents are suppose to be their for.

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