Is it weird for a 17 year old boy to date a 13 year old girl?


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Yes it is. And it will be illegal for them to date in one year. I would think the older boy is only interested in the younger girl because she's easier than a girl who is a little older.
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Alexis Marie
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Ok thanks (: I'll tell you the story:
There's a boy that lived across the street from me. He was 14 and I was 10. We got really close and became best friends. I had a crush on him but he was like my brother. I always was over at his house watching him fix his bike and build things. I've seen him around but haven't talked to him in about a year but looking back- if he ever liked me back I was wondering if it would be strange. I know he would never try anything with me. Thanks for your answer (:
Sarah Johnson
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Honestly, he was probably just trying to be friendly to you. You were his neighbor and he probably just thought of you as a nice kid that wanted to hang around with him. Think of him more as a brother and friend than as a possible bf.
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It's certainly illegal if you had sex in England.
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If you love him and he loves you there should be no problem. If he doesn't pressure you into doing stuff you would not like to do there is no problem.
For example I'm fifteen and my boyfriend is almost eighteen and we've been together for many months. If it's love, it's love. And there's nothing you can do about it, but enjoy it and be happy.
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He is only using her because he knows that she would do anything he wants to impress him because he is older.
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When I was 17, I began dating a girl who was 13, almost 14.  We dated for about 4.5 years before getting married.  We will be celebrating our 50th wedding next January.    And when my daughter was almost 14, i reflected and wondered "what in the world were my future in-laws thinking letting her go out with me?

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It most definitely is and like Sarah said, it'll be illegal in some places and strongly advised against in just about all places due to his age and what could possibly happen.

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