What Are Some Good Topics For A Date With A 12 Year Old Boy?


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I agree, you should go out in small groups so you can further get comfortable with socializing in mixed company.  Boys start to be hormonal (horny) sooner than girls and he may want more than you are willing to give(which should be nothing).   The only way to get boys to respect you is to respect yourself.
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I would go with my friends on a double date, or go to the movies with my friends and meet my gf, Maybe even with my bro, he might be cool with it, he's gone through puberty before.
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I think at 12 years old you shouldn't be dating its far to young..yes by all means go out socialising with girls..have some fun..just be yourself..you have plenty of years ahead for romance...
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I was kind of looking for an answer to my question...sigh.
becca angel
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Bless you, you're so young. I was like you when I was 12 about 2 years ago lol. But listen to my advice, to get to know each other more. You need to meet alone on a weekend or something Ask his interests , not too much questions tho or it may seem like you are a stalker, show that you like him. Any questions you want to ask me just comment x

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