Is he interested in me?


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Something pulled you to speak to him?
Perhaps it is the act of destiny, in other words, the will of the Balance. And since you are asking if he is interested in you, then most likely you are interested in him, but always obey the Balance.

Something pulled...more research must be done.
Do you mean by something pulled as in you just spoke to him for no real reason (like someone was controlling your body and you just did it), or did it have more of a reason behind it, like a command from your subconcious brain?
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AMz N-A commented
Wow, your response is really interesting. What would your response be to both?
Haakvorn of Sparta
A command from your brain would be that you actually like him, but as in someone controlling the body, it may be a command from the brain, only that you don't know it, but as I said, more research must be done.
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It sure sounds like it :)
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Amaris Gil
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Lol im thinking that(: But then again i feel like he might just be a really great friend. Haha
Crystal Smith
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Yeah it's always hard to determine where the line is between friendship and dating...
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I think he is.  For the mean time anyway.  You already approached him first let him pursue you further and see where it goes
  My advise is take your time.  Good and lasting relatinships are built on onterests you sjare not physicalities.  He is interested in you nowtale yor time.
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I'm pretty sure hes giving you signs, telling you that hes interested. If not, then he just really really really cares about you.
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I'd say he was :) unless he's just a genuinely lovely guy that helps everyone out.

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