This Guy Likes Me And Won't Stop Bothering Me. What Should I Do?


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If this person is really hassling you, you need to make it clear that you are not interested.
I understand that you probably don't want to hurt his feelings, but you could explain that he is damaging any possible friendship by crowding and hassling you.

If he texts - don't text back.
If he is calling you try not to answer, or get someone to say you are not there.
Let your friends know how you feel, especially if he's making you uncomfortable. If you don't want to be alone with him make sure you have a friend around. They don't have to 'babysit' you but it might make him feel more apprehensive about approaching you.

If you feel that he is hassling too much make sure you tell someone and most importantly HIM! Don't feel like you have to be nice if it is getting too much. Explain you're flattered but not interested, and won't ever be. Suggest that he finds someone else that likes him. It'd be better for him and you!
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Being firm and saying no doesn't always work. There's this guy at work I've never dated, been romantic or intimate with but he claims he has such deep feelings for me. I think he fell for me over phone calls, which I've since put a stop to because they were every day. I told him I only think of him as a friend and it will never be anything more than that. I am not at all attracted to him and I'm really becoming annoyed. When I turn him down he goes into a deep depression and takes a day or two off from work to just stare at the walls. Its embarrassing as well because we were friends once but I just blew up at him and told him he needs to see someone because he's dellusional - that he's romanticizing a situation that never existed. My friends say I should tell my boss. I don't want to lose my job over this. Its not affecting MY work, but I can just imagine what would happen if he tells the boss he takes days off to get over his "deep depression" over me. He says he "can't keep on like this". Like what?! We were never an item! I just don't know what to do or say to get him off my back.
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It depends on his age and what you consider his intentions to be. You can tell him once and for all, back off or I will have to do something about it because you are harassing me. If you need to go to the police and get his bothering you on record, then do so, if its school, college, university or work, tell someone in a managerial position and they will help you. If they don't take you seriously, tell someone else.

If he messages you, keep them, if he sends you things, keep them , and if you can, keep a diary of things he does and says until he stops, that way you can look up and confirm any of his activities should you need help from the police.

If you need to, just get a bigger male friend to tell him to go away, but not to engage in bullying the man, chances are, he's just in love (or lust).
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I have the same problem. I told him that I don't like him but, he doesnt get it. He draws pictures of me, chases me into the bathroom, stares at me constantly, my name is his ipod screen saver, he writers me poems about my eyes, and he follows me everywhere... I would really like to help you but all I can say is tell him how you feel. Try telling him you think that its all weird, and you like someone else other than him. If he doesnt stop try having someone pretend to date you. Maybe he will stop, but don't do this to be mean. If you pretend to date someone else then maybe he will give up and go for another girl. If that doesnt work then I am very sorry I hope this helps you! Good luck!
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Ok tell him that your not interested or you already going out with someone or your just not ready to be seeing people at your age ( depending how old you are). Same thing happened to me he's soo annoying and now he;\'s finally going to get off my back :D yeahhh!!
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Oh my god I'm having the same thing happening to me but its not 1 its 3 of them! And I already like someone else how can I get the ugly guys who like me to stop bothering me I'm being late for my classes because they always stop me!
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I have this guy who is seriously bothering me and always commenting on my Facebook and stalking my blog! He really freaks me out. I don't even talk to him. I don't know why he likes me? Maybe he's desperate or something? My friends told him to stop bothering me but he just doesn't listen. And I don't dare to confront him and tell him to stop what ever he does that is bothering. HE IS INTERRUPTING MY ENTIRE LIFE!
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Tell him to leave you alone

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