A Guy Says He Likes Me But Has A Girlfriend (That He Is Supposedly In Love With). Is He Just Playing With Me?


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If you are dating this guy, he's not the only one cheating - you're cheating yourself by being with him!
(and you're supporting his cheating too)

I suggest you draw a boundary: Ask him to choose who he wants to date, and wait until he's made up his mind.

When he's single, then you won't need to wonder.
If he doesn't break up with his girlfriend, you can be sure he wasn't the one for you.

Good luck.
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Maybe he is torn in between the two (you know, like the song).
Anyway, set a boundary with the guy and let him know that if he doesn't break up with his girlfriend then you have to stop flirting with each other.
If you don't, he'll most likely think it's okay and continue doing whatever you THREE are doing now.

Trust me, I know its hard, I've dealt with stuff like this before and overcame it. The best of luck!
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Yeah, I can't stop thinking about a guy who I work with. He has a girlfriend as well, they've been dating for 4 years.

I know he likes me (he's told me) but about 6 months ago he said he couldn't deal without me, and was leaving her.
I asked him if he's honestly happy with her, and he said it's not that he's "happy" or "unhappy" with her, he's generally just "comfortable."

He admits that he's chickenshit and afraid of change. He cheated on her with me on multiple occasions over the past 9 months.  This does not make me feel good about myself at all. 

At the same time, I don't feel any sorrow for the girlfriend because I hate her guts.  I worked in an office with her for a year, and she was never nice to me. 
I'd come in to work, say hello, and never get a response back, if anything I'd get a cold look.  And at this point I did not know her boyfriend existed, I did not meet him until the following year, so she couldn't have hated me for that... And before I liked him, he'd complain to me about how she's "controlling" and such. 

We've been TRYING to be just friends for the past few months.  I haven't communicated at all with him in the past 4 weeks, because I told him I couldn't handle being just friends, it was torture.  He said he really does understand.. And he will respect my choice. 

It'd be best to get over him, but what is getting to me the most is that I find myself wanting to think there's going to be a chance eventually for me to be with him.  I'm thinking about how I'm ticked that I didn't get to have the chance to be with him like his jerk of a girlfriend got a chance..
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The guy seems to like you. It is a strong possibility that you people will get together but you people need to meet or talk to each other on regular basis.
By this way you can develop a bond.
Give your relationship some time and be in touch with each other.
If by "Get Together" you mean "will he have sex with me" he almost certainly will if you offer it. If you mean "will he leave his girlfriend for me" then probably not unless she drops him. If he ends up with you watch out, he'll still be looking around.
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I think he's playing you. Yes he does like you, but if you guys do get together, I think the relationship will not last very long because he might cheat on you as he is doing to his gf at the moment.

Have you guys been with friends every time or have you had moments alone together. He might just be showing off to his friends by touching you/kissing you.

He seems to be going to break your heart. Be careful, that is all I am saying. It is not fun getting hurt.

See how he is when he is alone with you, listen to what he says about his gf in front of your friends when she is not around. That way you will be able to determine if you will only be another notch on his belt or a more.

Good luck
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If he is cheating on his GF then he will probably cheat on you too. How would that feel. Well thats what you are doing to his GF.

You should come clean and move on unless you honestly think that he is the one and won't cheat on you but be careful
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You may but consider the fact that "he liked you when he still has this girl" maybe someday, he'll do the same again.

You have him but he's going to like someone else. Or if you are going to wait for him to fall for you, then do your best to impress and capture his attention but don't flirt!
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Yeah amore01 pretty much covered it. If this boy is doing this it seams like he's playing you! You should tell him he either picks someone or you're through!

And if he does go for you consider this he might do the same to you BEHIND YOU'RE BACK! Please trust me I've been there. There was I guy that I liked and he liked me. We did a lot together. Then I figured out he had a girlfriend! I was so pissed off! So I yelled at him and he and I never talked since then.

Now if you still want to be friends with him please don't be like me and fricken yell at him. Hope I helped you out. GOOD LUCK-Erin
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If he has a girlfriend and you really like him you should give him some hints to tell him that you like him or just tell when you guys alone and than tell him that you like him and if he dosent take it well cause he has a girlfriend you should just stick to being friends and than after that you should tell the girlfriend before she finds out on her own and than you guys start fighting.

Or you should just wait tell hes single to tell him again and see if it will work out. Hope this will help you
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I think that you shouldnt go with him if he has a nother gf thats rude and thats a siqn of a cheater you know what they say if your with a cheater you will becoem a cheater 2. And you may think its stupid for what I just said but it helps.
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Never be the other woman, my sister made that mistake, and became the other woman! He was cheating on his first wife, then his second (my sis). I think he's on his 30th wife now!
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Have some respect for yourself. If you like a guy, like one that is single. It's easier, and you don't look easy to fool.
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Yeah, you guys will go out, but he's a player - so he'll be "all over" other girls when your not around!

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