Is it okay to be angry with people just because they are incapable of comprehending your point of view?


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I have a similar problem except i dont get mad, just sad. Although im sure those people who dont understand your point of view are for the most pert immature and still need time to mentally develop their beliefs or ways of coping with conflicting points of view. And this is true even for many adults. Possibly your self by how angry you sound. Dont worry most people grow up eventually. Dont get mad at me for saying that, just an obsevation
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Sylver Fox
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Finally a helpful answer and someone who comprehends my point of view. Thank you. Also, I do admit I am not always acting mature but I do try my best.
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No, it's not okay .  I think you need anger management classes .
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Sylver Fox
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Definitely XD You made me laugh though.
Say... Do those help with not being angry, or just not expressing your anger? Because I'm actually quite capable of not expressing my anger.
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No its not okey
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No of course not. How can you be mad at someone for something that they are incapable of.  If they are incapable then it really is nt their fault is it?
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Sylver Fox
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I don't know... It just gets on my nerves. I honestly don't believe there actually is such a thing as an incapable person. I sometimes think that they are just too lazy to use their brains...
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It is not okay to be mad at mentally retarded people because they might have a disability of some kind and some have higher and lower IQ than others. Just embrace who they are.

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