Hi, i lost my close friends ( groups of them ) because of this fight with a girl and like they side with her because idky? I apologized , she accepted it but the groups isn't what it useed to be because none of them talk to me much , only sometime quite rare, i been feeling quite sad for like a month because of this crap, and i might be selfish because i still try to apologize to them and follow them ( like a goddamn dog im sorry ) and that because im scare of asking teachers question alone , so i need them to you know.. ask teachers question together? I mean , it's my final year of high school so ofc i shld focus on studies, but without like them, i can't like ask teachers question alone because im shy. Is it better for me to ask the teacher beforehand to meet up alone? I really want to go to a good college and im trying to stop being upset about this friendships because they just don't care about me and i feel that theyre toxic, please thankyou. I would apreciate it alot xx
EDIT : so i ignore those people that harm me and gather my courage to find teachers to get help with? wont they get annoy cause im the oni one they need to help lol


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If it's your final year of high school ... You need to overcome your fear of talking to "authority figures" (teachers) by yourself.  If you don't, you probably won't be able to talk to college admittance folks, guidance counselors, or employers.  In other words, you won't be able to function in society.

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Anonymous........What You Can Do

1.    Focus on your strengths

While  its good to be aware of your flaws, you also have much to offer.  Recognizing your assets will give you the confidence you need to break free from a negative self-image and/or negativity from others and overcome loneliness.  Ask yourself what are my strengths?  Think of some talents or positive qualities that you possess.

2.    Don't limit yourself to people of your own age. 

You may find that the warmest and sincere friendships are between people with considerable age differences.  Remember, too that conversation is an interchange, not a monologue.  People appreciate good listeners.  So if you tend to be shy, remember - you don't have to carry the whole conversation.

How important is your education to you?

What is the practical value of  school or an education?

Will you not acquire wisdom, use your thinking ability, gain social skills, use common sense and sound judgement.  It's a big world out there the more you learn about the world around you,  the better equipped you will be to know who you are and what you want.

Do not allow anyone to rob you of the value of a good education.  Especially since no one can give you an education - you have to earn your education.  And to do that you must gain the courage you will need to talk to others, (teachers), ask questions and seek answers. 

Anonymous,  Good teachers are appreciated, you will need courage and wisdom to learn how to maneuver around this big world we live in.  Take advantage of their knowledge, take advantage of their wisdom and above all have courage and faith in yourself.

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Teachers are there to help students learn---that's why they are teachers.  They are happy to answer questions.

You can tell them you are uncomfortable asking for help and that you are a little nervous talking to them.  That's called appropriate self disclosure.)

I expect they will be quickto try to put you at ease.

You say you lost your close friends.  But dropping you like a hot rock is not the way close friends act.  Your "close friends" were just a group of people that hang together and with you as long as you don't aggravate any of them.  Apologies don't work with such people---you irritated them and that is sufficient (in their minds) grounds for being excluded.

And you might want to take a look at this site:

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That is how it goes the fabric of relationship. Once it is exposed stress and strain, it starts to look threadbare.  Move on. No matter what you do? It'll not be he same and you might get hurt in the bargain.

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