Do You Or Would You Like Living Alone?


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G'day Zacky,

Thank you for your question.

I live alone and I like it.

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I have lived alone, and disliked it immensely.

When I was in college (1960s), I was so tired of living alone, that I resolved to find myself a female roommate whose personality was identical to mine.  I found one, within three days of beginning my search.

She was inflatable.
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I wouldn't mind it; after living with others for x amount of  time, I think it would be interesting and different, living on my own.
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I would rather live alone than with anyone who is unkind or a block of stone.I need a fairy tale prince.  I have him picked out, it is just so complicated.
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I lived alone before marrying, and I find NOTHING "rewarding" about living alone!  Nothing!  There's an 'ole saying, "No man's an island!" !  I concur!
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Living alone sucks. In college, I remember having to fight tooth and nail every year to get into a rowdy dormitory. Nobody wanted to stay in the singles even though you get an entire room to yourself and share a kitchen with 3-4 people. After college I had to live with roommates in SF to pay off my college loans. I can't imagine living in SF alone. There's so much to do and explore, it would be pretty depressing to do it by yourself.

Sure I have stories about bad roommates, but it's was nothing compared to the adventure of living off on your own with a bunch of strangers who become your friends. Plus the fact that I now have such amusing stories makes it all worth it.

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I prefer living with my family than living alone. Someone will be your critique for example clothes you wear, projects you do, among others. They will also give a feedback of the things you do. You have someone who will discipline you.

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