When My Boyfriend Leaves Me, I Feel Lonely..why?


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Some say it\'s clingy to want to be with your boyfriend all the time, but I think it\'s just love. If something/someone brings you joy and happiness, it is understandable in your situation, to feel the way you do, when he leaves. I advise that you embrace that feeling of love. Try to regard the feeling as a good/positive one, and instead o. Rejecting it,  it, hone your mind into thinking about all of the good things you and your boyfriend share. Pamper yourself, and feel the love for him in your heart, and before you know it, you\'ll be in his arms again
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I feel just the same when my boyfriend leaves. Just keep in touch with him throughout the day. When I really miss my boyfriend I think about the times we spent together and how much he makes me happy and feel alive,I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years now and before I know it he is back home. I think you love your boyfriend very much...xxxxxxxxxxx
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It's very natural that you feel lonely.

Human beings are social creatures and they always need interaction with others.

Living alone without someone to care about is the hardest thing in the world.

I hope you will always have someone to care about you
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You feel lonely because your use to your boyfriend holding you in his own special way,loving you,being by you side and spending some of you most precious time together and when you don't have that you feel empty inside like your missing you other half... it's like he is you key to your locked heart...
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Well, you basically feel like that because of the previous time and moments you have spent with him. When you're in a relationship you tend to meet very often and then after sometime you get used to the idea of meeting him regularly. The entire point is that love is totally like an addiction, you can say like a person addicted to cigarettes or something else. Once you're use to it's difficult to overcome it. Since your case is about love, you are used to the process of meeting your boyfriend more often and it's very obvious that you feel like that.

So you see, when he leaves you or goes out of station for some work you're definitely going to miss him and feel his absence. And you will feel alone. In order to over come this loneliness you should try and indulge yourself with any work while he is not around, like go shopping for him or for the house or may be clean the house and give it a new look but during all this make sure that you try and be in contact with him and stay in touch. You can do this by various means of communication.
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Maybe you spend most of your time with him and have become dependent on his presence. Sometimes that may seem sweet but it can take a wrong turn. I'd try to take care of that if I were you...
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Maybe you loves him a lot , thats why you feel lonely


you don't have lots of friends to hang around
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The reason why you feel lonely is because you already have formed a bond with him, it's like being attached to him and you feel normal when you hear from him
You like to be around him,

So when he leaves, that's when you don't hear his voice, his presence
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Confucius he say wisely:
"Absence make heart yearn for Peter Fonda...."  :)-
You can always go outside and talk to the trees.
I always find that a good chat with my conifers works wonders in a short time.
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I know the feeling....
I have been in a long distance relationship for years and we only spend time
together few times. I can't explain how sad the feeling Ive felt everytime he leaves its like
I been stab in my chest.
I love him very much and miss him every single day...
Being with him is a world that I have ever want all my life.
He makes me happy, when his arms around me, sweet gentle kisses or just holding his hands!! Until now, just thinking of him he still gives me goosebumps..
It's surely best feeling for it's hard to let go of that and thats what makes me sad. Longing for each day to be with him...even though I know it will be another year that I can hold him again...
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I am In love with a man who doesn't love me back. I say the words "I love you" and all I hear back are "I love you too...", and I hear the hint of disappointment in his I did something wrong/said something wrong...l get the feeling as though something has changed. I can't pinpoint it...I have tried talking to him about things...and he usually listens...but lately...its been like talking to a brick wall...I have split up with him so many times in the past and the last thing I want is a permanent breakup. I told him I have troubles communicating my feelings sometimes...and that I have a tendency to take it out on him..and I have apologized for that, and stopped.But lately, my mother found out about our relationship...She realized that we were being intimate. This probably wouldn't be a problem. However, I am of East Indian decent..and its "wrong" to have a boyfriend in that culture. Anyways, she was shocked beyond belief to discover that I had a boyfriend,. And told me that he wasnt welcome in the house, and that I was a whore for even having a boyfriend. She got someone to spy on me when he was over at my place. He sides with her point of view instead of listening to what I have to say, whereas before he would at least listen to what I have to say. Why is he doing this?  ...I'm feeling like no one is taking my side on this issue, and just wondering whether I'm truly wrong in this situation..and why he would take her side so readily?

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