Why Do We Care What Others Think?


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Some people live for others and trying never to do anything that shines a negative light on them,me I could care less as I don't know a mistake proof person,I comfortable with myself have made mistakes and will make more,I live for myself and not people,some would call that arrogant but I call it love of self with strong self esteem,I wish I could share and have tried and it just does not work a person has to want something in order for it too work,don't care what others think.....I don't know any perfect people and know that I'm not perfect..
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shannon commented
Yeah just like the hannah montanah song nobodys perfect!
nettie commented
Do you have a problem with the fact no one is perfect?
nettie commented
I feel your dislike,but can't do anything about it lol
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Because we live in a world that's media is throwing false images out, there is no way you can have the proportions of Barbies body, it is physically impossible, yet the media throws it out there, girls see guys go NUTS over it, and we try to get ourselves to look like that because we want the guys, it's a cycle, if we just stopped trying to use sex to sell things, this whole world would change, i think for the better, sorry i got a little off topic! I get really emotional about this topic....
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Because we are extroverts
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Cause its what makes use human we grow up in different families wondering why people look different and act different so we ask questions to find the answer and when we cant find it will be hard to go on with life not knowing whats near them and it scares them so they tend to stay away and hate what ever they dont ever understand
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People care about what other people think because they feel might be felling self conscious! And want to try to fit in because there could be a probability they have low self-esteem!
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I honestly try not to care what others think... It is just so easy to ask for a second opinion on things... And ask for answers now days that it is hard to rely on what your own thoughts are.
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Because people try to be as cool as they can to eather get attention or to get friends i guess ? Hehehehehehehe

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