I'm Dating This Guy But Everyone Thinks That He's Weird. Should I Break Up With Him?


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You shouldn't let other people's opinions determine the fate of your relationship. If you like him, why does it matter what other people think?

People can often be quick to judge others, especially when they're still at school. It doesn't take much for a group of young people to decide that someone else is 'weird.'

Sometimes, this is actually down to jealousy; it's the reason that people who get good grades are often bullied. If a popular kid takes a dislike to someone, their friends are likely to agree with them, and soon everybody has forgotten what they thought he was weird for in the first place.

What To Do If Your Friends Think Your Boyfriend Is Weird
- Talk to them about it. Why don't they like him? It could be something really trivial, or based on rumours that might not even be true.

- Don't worry about being seen with him. If you're embarrassed, or scared that people will start thinking that you're weird too, then it'll have a negative effect on your relationship and put unnecessary strain on the pair of you.

- If you like him, don't break up with him. Unfortunately, being outcast and labelled 'weird' is something that most people experience at one point or another in their lives. It doesn't usually last. People might think he's weird now, but when they grow up, they won't.

If he treats you well and he makes you happy, then even if he is weird, what does it matter?
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Don't worry about what others think, believe me on this.

I had a wonderful boyfriend. My family loved him, my friends liked him, and he seemed perfect for me, but everyone at school was always telling me he was weird and couldn't believe I was with him...at first I ignored it, but it started to effect our relationship because subconsciously I didn't want my peers to see us together.

I didnt want them to make fun of us, and it just slowly rotted our relationship away and I eventually broke up with him.

When we were broken up I realized that he was like my second half and I was miserable without him so we talked about it and got back together...so to save you and your boyfriend a lot of heartache, just don't let other opinions bother you because you wont realize what a wonderful guy you have till he's gone.
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Everyone is weird in some shape or form. No one is perfect. And personally, I dated this guy one time I met at work, and everyone in there said stuff like "Ewww why are you dating him?" saying I could do so much better.

Well as far as looks yeah I could have done a lot better. But I had fallen in love with him, and I didn't let it get me down, I just held my head up and ignored them all. They will sooner or later shut up about it.

But everyone has told you the right answer on here. It's what makes you happy. And what you think of him, as far as the others they will finally leave you alone, and if they were REAL friends they wouldn't say that anyway...
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If you like him than that's all that matters. Don't be concerned about the opinions of others. For all you know they could be jealous.
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Do you think he's weird? You're young, I'm sure, but one lesson you'll learn in life is not to be ordinary or boring or follow the crowd. If you like this guy, stick with him.

First of all, what's so wrong with 'weird'? Why not be a bit different?

Secondly, if you like him, who cares what people think?
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Well definitely not, if you love the guy and he loves you back then you should not care about what others think about him. What matters the most is how you feel about him and if you love him, and if you don't think that he is weird stop thinking about what the world says. Don't ruin what you have for the world.
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First of all, who's dating the guy - you, or the everyone crowd?! Don't listen to anyone except yourself...maybe, as awkward it could sound, people are just jealous. Do you think he's weird?
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You shouldn't do anything that other people THINK is appropriate. If you want to break up with him , then do so, but not just because people feel he's weird! No. If you are satisfied with staying with him , then stay. Do whatever makes you HAPPY.

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