I'm friends with this guy at school and he's my best guy friend. We always talk and make each other laugh, but I don't like him in that way and would absolutely NEVER date him. However, this girl at school teases me because she thinks I like him. What do I do?


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I had this problem as well, my best guy friend and I were really close, we hugged and stuff but we weren't interested in each other but we got teased but other pupils and even teachers, all you can really do is state that neither of you are interesting in each other and be dead strait with her, but if she doesn't stop, you've just got to not care really, don't let it get you, have what ever best friend, this girl will get bored eventually if she see's you're not being wound up by what she's saying and eventually move on, hope this helped

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Had a similar situation, when I was friends with this guy in fourth grade and people thought that we liked each other. Just tell her to stop and tell her how you feel. If she doesn’t listen, tell a teacher or an elder.

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