Is it wrong to date a bad boy? Ok so I like this guy we kinda have a thing with and I really like him but, all my friends are telling me I shouldn't even talk to him or that he's trouble, what do I do go for it, or listen to my friends?


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When I was in your situation, I would respectfully take my friends opinions, but I would find out for myself. I found that more times than not people were misinformed. Do not always believe what you hear. You sound like a reasonable person who can make up her own mind. Give him a chance. What if he heard rumors about you and wouldn't give you the time of day? Would you want him to believe negative rumors about you and not give you a chance? Do you REALLY know he's a bad boy? Have you ever seen it with your OWN eyes? Or did you hear it from a friend of a friend? Always make up your own mind.

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It depends on what you mean by "trouble." Is he physically or verbally abusive? Does he rob banks? Hurt animals? Then by all means stay away from him. What do your friends know that you don't? Or are they just saying that? I would take the time to get to know him and judge for yourself because all that matters is what you think.

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Cheerleadernumber one
I just don't want people not to like and or be friends with me cuz of who I like and or date, I mean my friends have known him since like 5th grade and they say he is trouble like he sleeps with like every girl he dates, and that they don't want me to get hurt, I get it but I mean his last girl friend last almost two years so I don't know
Darling Divaa
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Like i said only you can decide if he's "trouble" or not. Until you get to know him you'll never know. True friends shouldn't judge you or like or dislike you because of who you date. Where are they getting their information from?
Cheerleadernumber one
That's true, There friends with him so I guess he must have told someone in our friend group and they told them. Thank you btw!
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Review your motivations, but it's your choice.

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Keep your eye's on the sky but,

be careful not to step in anything.

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You won't know if he's a "Bad Boy " till you talk with him. Your friends are probably just jealous ! Nothing wrong with bad boys. Find out for yourself. Follow your heart .

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