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So a guy I've been seeing recently cut me off after like 8 months of talking and knowing each other. I really miss him and I want him back but he blocked me on everything and hasn't read any of my messages and refuses to reply. What happened?

So I accused him of talking to other girls (I did this more than once) and he got angry and really mad and he said he'd had enough of me constantly creating arguments and not trusting him... Fair enough I knew I was wrong but I had my reasons. So right after I tried to apologise but it was too late because he already blocked me! Like that quick! He didn't even let me explain, he didn't even give me an explanation why, he just left without saying a word and it hurts like crazy and I miss him so badly and I would do anything to get him back but he's so mad. I just want closure , even if he said 'goodbye' I wouldn't be hurting so much bt he said nothing. He kinda just left... Obviously he said he couldn't be bothered with me right now but I didn't think he meant he would leave. What do I do? It's been just over a week and I'm scared he won't come back. How can he just pretend I no longer exist to him? :( Really heart-broken!


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You might have had your reasons for accusing him, but you did this not only once, but twice. In addition, he is allowed to talk to other girls, just as you are able to talk with other guys.

You are not ready to be in a relationship if you cannot get a grip on your insecurities, if you continue to strangle someone where they are not able to breathe without you jumping down their throat over some imagined slight.

Yes, he has the right to shut you down, cut off communication with you without warning because of how you treated him.

Use this experience to learn from your mistakes. Acknowledge what you did wrong. Write him a letter if you want, but don't mail it and don't give it to him. This letter is practice for you - to admit on paper what you've done wrong and how you can improve.

You may never get another chance with this guy. That's something that you have to face. You may never "get closure" with him. Life is like that sometimes. When you try to control someone else - as in he can't talk to other girls - when you try to strangle someone with your "love" - this can be the result.

If you learn something with this relationship, that's called maturity and you have learned a valuable life lesson.

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The way I see it here is you did this to yourself and are trying to make it his fault where its not at all. This is what happens when one plays little kid games because they are NOT mature enough to be in any kind of relationship. 

You also want the final say here too which won't happen.  You've done enough damage here so let it die and move on and grow up for next time. Now none of us can see the future so who knows what could happen here way on down the road. So you need to do some thinking about what you have done here to destroy this relationship and start fixing them and then try again but with someone new.  Good luck

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I can only reply on what you write here but it now sounds like he cut you off as he isn't brave enough to tell you to your face here so is taking the chickens way out here. You should have sent him packing long ago and if you can write something on his dating website profile, go for it and have some payback
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I made an account but I don't want to hurt him. I want him back.... after everything he's put me through I still want him back. But what's the point in crying over a person who isn't crying for me....he's on holiday, he's enjoying himself whilst I cry over him. Unfair. This is unlike me.... I never thought I would cry over a guy and here I am.
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Ok clearly this guy doesn't like you. u can find yourself a much better man then this. so dry those tears, this guy isn't worth it
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One of my guy friends told me that guys like it better when girls trust them with things and give them confidence. Guys like to be appreciated. So when you accused him of talking to other girls you showed him that you didn't trust him enough to let him be. You two were in a relationship, and isn't love all about trust?

Sorry, but that was really bad of you. Hopefully, you learn your lesson for another relationship. Best of luck to you.

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