I used to like this guy, but he said he didn't like me back. (He said that he would only go out with me if he was drunk) So anyways, I have had a few dreams about him and I being together. I know this probably means nothing, but what do you think?


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It is very common to dream about someone that you have, or have had feelings for. 

It happens to most people, so there is no need to worry. The truth is that dreams are just our unconscious method of dealing with pent up emotions.

Freud describes dreams as a means of communication. Our waking life can sometimes be far too traumatic so our defence mechanism blocks out a lot of our internal reality. 

At night, when we dream, these emotions are translated to us through a random sequence of altered images in order to make it easier for us to digest.

Dreaming about a person you have feelings for simply means that this person is praying quite heavily on your emotions right now, and therefore your subconscious is constantly trying to deal with it while you are not awake to be traumatised by the depth of the situation. 

I understand dreams can be disturbing, but soon enough they will pass, once the emotional difficulty is cleared out of your system.

I hope this helps.

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Dreams only reflect our thoughts. We dream about what we constantly think about. Since you constantly think about him, it's obvious that you do have a crush on him. Dreams can read how you truly feel about something.

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Wow, this guy's a dick. Just forget about him.

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